A FULL-service market research company has opened its doors in Stockbridge after a successful soft launch at the end of 2022.

With access to a panel of more than 200 million respondents, Danebury Research will be able to conduct research on a global scale, working with both agencies and in-house teams to provide high-quality data and insights that inform business decision-making.

Founder and managing director Paul Stallard said: “After working with agencies and in-house teams on their communications and research needs over the years, I can see that insight has never been more valuable.

“With economic pressures hit most, now is not the time to be quiet and hope to ride out the storm. Nor is it the time to be reckless.

“This is where Danebury Research can help.”

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Since it started trading in September 2022 from its office on the High Street on Stockbridge, Danebury Research has hired its first two employees and completed surveys in 16 different countries, with its business pipeline rapidly filling up with new clients.

Paul continued: “We’ve managed to pick up our first few projects in a short space of time which has allowed us to recruit and grow our team already.

“Danebury Research is ahead of schedule against its ambitious year one targets and I am excited to grow the business from our base in Hampshire.”

The company also wanted to thank Test Valley Borough Council for its support so far.

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During a period of economic uncertainty, the council has reinforced its commitment to support the local economy by providing advice and guidance to Danebury Research ahead of its launch.

It also encouraged the company with a business incentive grant to help fund the cost of its new office.

For more information about Danebury Research and its market research services, visit the company’s website at daneburyresearch.com .