A TV company is telling the story of the investigation that eventually secured justice for the murder of Brambridge widow Georgina Edmonds, with the episode on 5 Star tonight at 9pm.

The film makers for Cold Case Killers came to Winchester last year to interview Hampshire Chronicle reporter Andrew Napier who covered the horrific killing in January 2008 and the crown court trials in 2012 and 2016.

Mrs Edmonds, 77, was battered to death with a rolling pin in the kitchen of her riverside cottage by Eastleigh man Matthew Hamlen. He had tortured her to try to obtain her debit card Pin code.

At the first trial at Winchester Crown Court in January 2012 Hamlen was acquitted but after a change in the 'double jeopardy' law he was retried and jailed for life in February 2016.

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Although Hamlen was found not guilty in 2012 the police never closed the case and there was a review of the DNA evidence.

The programme makers have interviewed police officers and forensic experts who were involved.

Producer Claire Forsyth said: "We are looking at cold cases, historical cold cases that the police have gone to the end of the earth to solve, the ways they could not let go, the ways they couldn't forget. Then either through improvements in science or other developments the case is finally solved that bring justice for the victims."