THE directors of a pre-school which was forced to close due to flood damage have said that all possibilities of staying open have been “exhausted”.

Stepping Stones Pre-School in Winnall told parents of the permanent closure in a letter on Wednesday, January 4.

Despite parents saying they’d “do anything to help the school” the directors have confirmed that the costs are too high to repair the damage caused by flooding from a burst pipe.

Directors Laura Denny, Angela Rogers and Tammy Jenkins said: "We are very grateful for all of the offers of support that have been made by members of the preschool and the extended community. Unfortunately, we have exhausted all possibilities for being able to keep stepping stones open.

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“The costs involved are extensive, and far beyond an amount we could even begin to hope could be raised within the necessary timescale.

“We are doing our best to support both the staff and the children who were on our roll to find alternative placements. Our team of directors are all volunteers who have devoted 10 years to supporting Winnall and its preschool and are all devastated to have it close in this way."

The building and most of the equipment at the pre-school by Winnall Primary School in Garbett Road were damaged beyond repair.

Parents are now being advised to find new places for their children with the nursery supplying numbers for All Saints Pre-School, Bright Horizons Day Nursery, Riverside Nursery School, Tops Day Nursery and Poppins Nursery.

The pre-school in Winnall was rated Outstanding by Ofsted and looked after around 20 children from ages two to four, including kids with additional needs.